Friday, June 5, 2020

Bargains Not Available

Just a little exercise in futile thinking (aren’t we all doing a bit of that nowadays?). I would swap these if I could

My rough rules on these were that they have to be relatively equal in stature and be games that I experienced—either agony of defeat or thrill of victory. 

I would lose this . . .                                                        To win this . . .
OU vs KU 1995                                                                  OU vs KU 1988
OU vs OSU 1988                                                                OU vs Boise State 2007
OU vs Texas 2018                                                              OU vs Georgia 2017
OU vs Texas 1996                                                              OU vs Texas 1984
OU vs Nebraska 2010 & OU vs Alabama 2014                      OU vs Florida 2009*
OU vs Auburn 2017 & OU vs Texas 1993                              OU vs LSU 2003*

*As they all could be argued, I would admit these are the most arguable as unfair trades.

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