Sunday, June 14, 2020

Things That Can Both Be True - Mind-Blowing Partial List

Beware of false contradictions. It can be the case that:
  • One is against the drug war (wants to completely legalize all drugs) and is against the use of most currently illicit drugs.
  • One believes that prostitution should be legalized and that prostitution is morally wrong and culturally damaging.
  • One finds many of the actions and policies of the Trump administration have been bad and many of the actions and policies of the Obama administration ON THE SAME ISSUES were bad. 
  • One wants the best for low-wage workers and one is against the minimum wage. 
  • One desires a strong, vibrant job market and one views jobs as an economic cost rather than a benefit. 
  • One believes the government-commanded lockdowns were absolutely bad policies and voluntary social distancing is absolutely good behavior in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • One thinks the United States of America is a great country and the U.S. government with the support of the people of the United States has done many very wrong things. 
  • One believes a highly successful person worked very hard while being very smart and they benefited greatly from luck. 
  • One sees college education is very valuable to college graduates and it is not the best option for a very large percentage of college attendees.
  • One thinks college education is valuable to society and society would be better off with a lot less college education.
  • One strongly supports freedom of speech and strongly disagrees with the specific speech that freedom of speech is protecting.
Updated to add:

  • One believes that the use of fossil fuels meaningfully contributes to a negative effect on climate change and that the use of fossil fuels has been a wonderfully positive thing for humanity and the Earth.

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