Sunday, June 28, 2020

A Parable On Perspective

"I saw a terrible, just tragic sight, last night at Chez Paul. A couple couldn't afford the wine pairing with the chef's tasting menu. I heard him lament something about his job at DrillRock. You know they've been one of the worst hit by the industry downturn. I can only imagine their worries... 'Do we sell the lake house--it was just in Architectural Digest!?! Will the kids have to go to public schools? At what point do I downgrade to a social membership at Bushwood?...' It all makes me question my own good fortune and if I am blissfully ignorant of how precariously close I actually am to a dramatic scaling back in my life."

"Oh! And while the valet was getting the car we saw paramedics assisting a homeless man ... heard a bystander say something about him passing out and hitting his head. He looked downright skeletal. That was sad too."

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