Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Partial List of Meaningless, Vague Phrases

I like foreign films. 
I am listening to the experts.
I want to work for a non profit. 
I support worthy causes. 
Failure is not an option. 
The cost going forward doesn't matter because if we retreat now, we will give up everything we have fought for up to this point. 
The team had the "momentum". 
I support sustainability.
This is no time to panic. 
My country right or wrong.
It is what it is.
Rules are rules.
Those who have been successful should give back to society.
We are prepared to do whatever it takes.
I buy American-made goods. 
This time is different. 
We've been here before. 
We should listen to the science. 
If it saves just one life...

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