Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Partial List time . . .

As you may remember, I am fond of partial lists. Here below is another.

Partial list of tasks that life is too short for/my time is too valuable to use it doing these things.

  • Checkbook and credit card reconciling
  • Seeking out cheap gasoline
  • Regularly flossing
  • Watching the local TV news
  • Voting
  • Ironing (This includes owning dress shirts that require ironing; wrinkle-free makes ironing or paying for laundry ironing ridiculous.)
  • Finishing books that have lost my interest
  • Sending out Christmas cards
  • Painting my house interior or exterior
  • Some cooking--the complexity, skill required, or mess created imply outsourcing is the right call
  • Clipping grocery coupons (any level of search costs negate the potential savings)
  • Household recycling
PS. This may be the year that mowing the yard goes on this list. I am close. I enjoy it or at least I like that I do a good job on it. Summoning my inner economist . . . we'll see. 

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