Thursday, January 28, 2021

All Aboard!

Apropos of nothing in particular . . . 

Invest with the perspective that we are just passengers on trains. 

We are not the engineer. 

We are not a little kid laying out a model train set. 

We can choose the trains we board and the ones we avoid. 

Some are faster. Some have better safety. Some have more amenities. 

None are perfect, but some combinations are much better at getting us to our destination, and, importantly, we do not all have the same destinations. 

We cannot dictate the trains' schedules, speed, route, etc. 

We just have to accept what the trains before us are offering and decide among that option set--not an ideal, imagined one. 

We do not have to take the most popular trains if they aren't actually the right fit for us. 

Constraints are individual just like goals. For example, even though we both want to go from Los Angeles to Chicago, the Silver Streak may be best for you but not for me because I have a lot more luggage to transport and that train has limited capacity. 

It can be good to have a travel agent to help plan our trip, and a great conductor can help guide the journey. But it is us who have to decide, board, and endure the journey including if the train breaks down forcing us to find alternative options. 

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