Sunday, April 26, 2020

Partial List of Reasons I Can’t Take You Seriously

...(i.e., you can’t have it both ways.)

  • You were giving Trump credit (completely dismissive) as the economy was very good 2017-2019, but completely dismissive (strongly blaming Trump) as the economy fell into depression-level problems in 2020. [related]
  • You gave Obama credit (didn’t recognize a connection or basically denied it was the case) as the economy recovered following the Great Recession, but refuse to give Trump credit (basically attribute to Trump) as the economy is quite strong for the first three years of Trump’s presidency. 
  • You were pro (anti) war under Obama but are the opposite under Trump.
  • You were fine with (up in arms about) Obama’s trips such as Hawaii and Michelle’s trip to Spain but are the opposite about Trump’s such as Mar-a-Lago
  • You were nonchalant (worried) about Obama’s extensions of executive power but the opposite about Trump’s. 
  • You were a strong supporter (opponent) of free trade but reversed positions when Trump came into office.
  • You want to severely limit and control immigration (guns) based on a few tragic examples but you do not want to do so for guns (immigration).
  • You identified and were upset with (lived in denial about) the corruption in the Obama administration but you deny (identify and are upset with) the corruption in the Trump administration. 

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