Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Optimal Way to Experience Major Sports

I miss sports. All we have for the time being are reruns, what if fantasies, and arguing. Here is fodder perhaps for that third category:

  • Football and to a lesser degree soccer and hockey are best viewed in person since so much of what is happening is beyond the televised field of view. For those moments where you would like to have a different view, most all modern experiences have enormous screens and multiple cameras to accommodate.
  • Golf and Olympic sports reverse this by nearly requiring TV to be the medium as only television can capture the simultaneous action as well as the location changing (hole to hole for golf, event to event for Olympics).
  • Basketball, tennis, and combat sports are made for viewing on TV since the screen can capture all the very fast-paced action without moving the camera and at a reasonable, constant zoom level. Additional angles can supplement easily when needed. 
  • Baseball is made for radio and secondarily for TV since all the action can be described in sync with the game itself. I know this could be construed as a slight on baseball, but it really just speaks to the uniqueness and nuance of that game. How many fans in person or watching on TV would really know that a pitch was an outside slider for example?

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