Thursday, November 14, 2019

Keep Looking Until You See It

Once you have a guess, scroll below for the answer . . .

Did you see "it"? Well, congratulations on having a wonderful imagination because there isn't actually any hidden picture or meaning in those pictures. They are just cool pics my daughter took that I thought I could use for this little exercise.

I am not being sarcastic about the imagination compliment, and my point with this is not to deceive. I just was thinking about how long I usually take on these type of things and perhaps what that says about me. I suppose that:

  • For those who took a relatively long time looking before scrolling for the answer, they probably are trusting; they give the benefit of the doubt; they’re curious. 
  • For those who immediately scrolled: they probably appropriately value their time; they are skeptical. 
In both cases I choose to see the positive qualities in each type of person--at least that is my goal. 

If you are rolling your eyes, this exercise failed for you (the failure is mine, not yours).

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