Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Partial List - Turning the Other Cheek Edition

Partial list of things most humans are too intellectually or morally weak to do (by not doing):
  1. In the face of hostile foreign trade actions (tariffs, quotas, regulatory requirements, etc.), taking no action. 
  2. In the face of violent, atrocious actions in a foreign land, taking no action. 
  3. In the face of financial hardship of well-known large firms and other popular organizations, taking no action. 
  4. In the face of people engaging in activities that are peaceful (not harming others) but nonetheless self destructive, taking no action.
  5. In the face of opportunity to anonymously exploit a faceless entity for personal gain, taking no action.
If we were composed of stronger fibers, the desire to act would be appropriately tempered and "don't just do something, stand there!" would resonate.

[see the sister post "Do the right thing"]

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