Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Partial List - Do The Right Thing Edition

Partial list of things most humans are too intellectually or morally weak to do:

  1. When among a crowd engaging in bad behavior, walking away.
  2. When opinions of hatred and cruel intolerance are expressed, stating firmly but kindly that you do not assent and may in fact condemn such thinking.
  3. When points of view and arguments you disagree with intellectually are offered, constructively and honestly expressing a counter view.
  4. When hearing of dreadful behavior by one's government (one's own party or favored politicians especially), behavior one would never themselves engage in, peaceably but forcefully and actively condemning and denouncing the behavior. 
  5. When witness to unethical actions by one's employer or close associates, calling out the misdeed and refusing to participate in it.

If we were composed of stronger fibers, the desire to act would be appropriately stimulated and we would refuse to turn a blind eye.

[see the sister post "Turning the Other Cheek"]

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