Sunday, July 20, 2014

How The Worms Might Turn

Political thought experiment/prediction: In an effort to stay politically relevant and viable, Republicans become the party steadfastly and openly defending the old-age entitlement state (Social Security, Medicare, et al.). Democrats visit the Wizard and come away with courage, a brain, and even a heart for those truly needy. They shun the process of robbing from the young and non-white to give to the elderly (especially white elderly who tend to be of above-median wealth). All the easier for Democrats as the programs undeniably become cash-flow insolvent.

The demographic trends for Republicans are not good. They are the newspapers of political parties as their supporting base is growing older (hence, dying off). We've already seen a glimpse how quickly this prediction's premise can play out.

Democrats are the cable television of political parties as their supporting base is somewhat locked in, but they continue to disappoint. They aren't seeing the growth either, but they've managed to avoid major depletion. This might change given a disruptive enough force (perhaps libertarians can drive a large enough wedge between cronyism and the Occupy sympathetic).

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