Monday, July 14, 2014

Highly Linkable

America is under attack. Literally thousands of people are invading from our exposed southern flank. We must summon great courage to repel this threatening force of . . . oh, wait. It's children. This is perhaps a tipping point in the clustered calamity that is our xenophobic immigration policy, our lack of coherence in dealing with people in need (you can't cry "amnesty creates moral hazard" when the moral hazard is an economic boon), and our inhumane and uneconomic and tyrannical drug war. Luckily, one Grumpy Old Man is here to provide wisdom.

What's the worst low-carbon energy alternative? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind . . .

Russ Roberts and Mike Munger discuss many steps forward, while Megan McArdle laments one step back.

This is a subtle, (should be) obvious, and great point by Art Carden on the minimum wage debate. If you don't get this, you are truly living in economic, ivory tower fantasy land.

Sticking with Art, here is his attempt at Bryan Caplan's challenge to pen how conservatives are often quite authoritarian. Sex, drugs, rock & roll, war, and so much more. Bryan made the case that liberals (more appropriately named progressives) are quite authoritarian. I strongly agree with both, and one thing that stands out to me is how much more blatant conservatives tend to be in their acts of authoritarianism.

Sticking with art of a different sort, Sumner makes two excellent points about the city of Detroit's apparent art wealth--namely that Detroit can dig out some by selling some assets and that it is the reasonable thing we should expect but some find it hard to apply this logic when dealing with a government entity.

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