Thursday, May 22, 2014

This Post Is Brought To You By The Number 3

My friend George has a theory. It is a sound theory with which it is hard to argue. He says the right number of kids is two. Two makes sense, he says. Two kids makes a foursome: great for golf, easy to seat at a restaurant, comfortable to ride in the car, etc.  Two kids means it is easy for them to have their own rooms. Easy to park their cars in the driveway as they get older. 

His kids are now grown and off on their own. I think he is happy as well he should be with the choice he and his wife made. I can find no argument to make with his points. While there is evidence and argument to say he might have been happier if had crossed one more bridge, I have to agree it has worked out well for him and his family. 

All I can say is this (after the jump):

This is Elise. She turns two today. I can't imagine life without little number 3.

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