Saturday, January 25, 2014

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Don't look now, but there are chemicals, CHEMICALS!, in our bananas, eggs, and other "natural" foods. Chemistry teacher James Kennedy alerts us to this unreported problem. Panic now!

Snowden technically committed many crimes. Therefore, he should be punished? I agree with this disagreement.

Don Boudreaux is not going quietly into that "energy efficient" fluorescent night. I too hope to rage against the dying of the freely-chosen light.

Perhaps Notre Dame can use some of these proceeds to purchase some indulgence forgiveness. $90,000,000 over 10 years, huh? Let's assume a very conservative 25% labor share of that revenue. That's $2.25MM per year for those scoring at home. Spread across 85 scholarship football players comes to about $26,000 per player per year. Of course I'm ignoring in this analysis the opposing argument, "But that would mean less money for us! (everyone involved who is not a football player)"

Here is something that will not be a fulfillment of my 2014 New Year's resolution (i.e., I won't have to change my mind about this, which I've been advocating for over a decade).

I heard this NPR bit and had the exact same reaction as Mungo.

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