Monday, February 25, 2013

Highly linkable

Been too busy to blog, but I've had some thoughts for upcoming posts--I haven't forgotten about you, dear readers. Here are some links to tide you over:

Let's start out with a controversial one. Reason has a great piece on The War on Sex Workers. A quote:
If we are going to call attacks on reproductive and sexual rights a “war on women,” then let’s talk about a war on women that has actual prisoners and a body count. It’s a war on the women engaged in sex work, waged by women who will not hesitate to use their opponents’ corpses as political props but refuse to listen to them while they are still alive and still here to fight. 
Megan McArdle discusses the trend toward elitism, college-bias, test-taker/certification-bias, et al. (Hat tip: Arnold Kling.)

Ronald Bailey at Reason lists and details the top 5 biotech crop lies.

There continue to be great posts fighting the good fight on the minimum wage nonsense. I'm impressed by how varied are the approaches taken in these generally short posts. This might be the best of this bunch. But see this and this and this. They keep going and going and going. And yes, I'm a sucker for posts slaying fire-less dragons.

Joel Best at Cato Unbound captures a good example of how magnitude matters.

Two more from Scott Sumner: one on how we lie in undergrad econ and one on how reports of the death of the Chinese economy have again been greatly exaggerated.

The thermostat in Hell must have just edged under 32F because the NYTimes is making sense on health care.

On the lighter side, check out this fake Guy Fieri menu (Hat tip: Jason Kottke).

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