Sunday, February 17, 2013

Highly linkable

Roger Pilon offers a strong critique of the most recent State of the Union address.

This interview with Steven Landsburg shows how not all economics is dismal.

I've refrained from writing directly on Obama's call for a $9.00/hour minimum wage because I've felt it was a political ploy hoping to bring distraction, and I didn't want to fall for his banana-in-the-tailpipe trick. But thinking more about it, there are two reasons it should be discussed: One, it is a bad idea founded on horrifically bad economic theory, and we must fight the good fight until this kind of nonsense no longer is a political option. Two, I believe his political strategy is to bring up an emotional issue in which the common man feels aligned with Obama at first blush. Through this demagoguery, he strengthens his public-opinion standing heading into the debt ceiling/sequestration debate. Rather than avoid this battle, I think the better position is to engage so as to Obama on the defensive. Therefore, I offer Mark Perry and Bob Murphy.

Updated: On the lighter side, I wanted to include two pics that among many caught my eye browsing Minteriors. Enjoy.

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