Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Let's get up a football league

Legend has it that one day in 1895 while sitting in Bud Risinger’s barbershop on Main Street in Norman, Oklahoma John A. Harts spoke some famous words: “Let’s get up a football team”. From there the Sooners were born.

The NCAA has approved what seem to be significantly more powerful sanctions on those who break the cartel’s rules. Be sure to read the article at SI. This comes as a response to the fact that the rewards from “cheating” are greater today by an order of magnitude than they were in decades past. NCAA czar president Mark Emmert recognizes as much:
We have sought all along to remove the 'risk-reward' analysis that has tempted people - often because of the financial pressures to win at all costs - to break the rules in the hopes that either they won't be caught or that the consequences won't be very harsh if they do get caught. The new system the board adopted today is the result of a lot of hard work and membership input devoted to protecting the collegiate model.
Unfortunately for the cartel, this is a losing battle in a soon to be lost war. Besides the growing sentiment against the NCAA’s practices, this change reflects the stakes growing in the sports world. The attractiveness of an alternative model wholly removed from the grip of the NCAA is higher than it has ever been. King Cnut Emmert will not halt this rising tide.

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