Sunday, April 26, 2015

Wedding Industrial Complex

"It's wedding season, kid!" 

People amply agree it is out of control until it is their little princess going through the rite of passage. At that point they rush headlong into all the trite and sometimes ridiculous traditions including songs, bouquet tossing, and smashing cake in faces not to mention all the apes in tuxedos riding in limos. The nonsense starts with an arms race in diamond rings and doesn't end until the honeymoon on the International Space Station catered by the Food Network. But is it really that out of bounds? Despite going from something around $6,000 in the 1930s (inflation adjusted to 2013) to around $30,000 (or over $31,000 according to this), this growth does not outpace the growth in real GDP per capita

The importance of de gustibus non est disputandum must be invoked here. Yes, these expenses would nicely make a down payment on a home [or insert your own favorite worthy cause], but it is not your (the outsider's) decision to make. In fact one shouldn't look back with second-guessing regret about their own decision years ago to spend all that money on a wedding and reception they can scarcely remember. You are a different you than you were then. You're not better now or were better then. You are just different. And in most cases the preferences you have now are not relevant to the decisions you made then.

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