Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Highly linkable

Recently on our visit to Cape Cod as we passed the only drive in on the Peninsula, the Wellfleet Drive-In Theater, my wife and I wondered why more drive ins or drive in like spots hadn't found spontaneous crowds with the help of Twitter and Facebook. Seems like an easy and trendable enough idea. At one of the many abandoned drive ins or against a large, plain building or in a large storm drain, a group gets together to watch a movie. Of course if you choose the storm drain, you'll need a fast car to get out of there like greased lightning if a flash flood erupts. High-enough quality projection equipment is surely cheap now. Well, maybe this is why we don't see more creative ideas like this.

Things are bigger in Texas including the oil booms.

Poverty got you down? Steven Landsburg has the answer to your prayers. A lesson in the practice of faith-based (or magic-based) economics.

And don't miss Remy's take on the NSA scandal.

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