Sunday, January 27, 2013

Highly linkable

Bryan Caplan discusses Michael Huemer's new book, The Problem of Political Authority. I plan to read it soon.

Will the new drug Modafinil reduce wages if it succeeds in reducing the need for sleep? Garrett Jones has a good answer.

I'm a bit late on getting to this one, but it is tremendous. John Cochrane delivers a devastating critique of the New York Times' understanding of taxes--and perhaps this applies to progressives in general.

Alex Tabarrok shows how Big Cable is probably NOT cross subsidizing from non-sports fans to sports fans.

It's not easy being an economist. The public doesn't know what an economist can know/should know and what an economist can't know/shouldn't be expected to know.

Let's have a national garage sale this weekend and get rid of that pesky national debt. HT: MR.

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